Genre : Christian, Hip/Hop, Rap, Inspirational
Released Date : 6 / Nov / 2010
  1. Merry Christmas
  2. The Coolest
  3. Hands Up (5-0) – Free Download

Norris J’s debut album INJ is a collection of up tempo to mid tempo hip hop tracks, sure to make you move. Norris’ lyrics and punchlines will captivate, motivate, and inspire you while his flow over head bobbing beats will hypnotize you. Each track on the album has a positive message, making it suitable for all ages. A must have for pop, r and b, and rap listeners.

1. 5-0 (Hands Up)
2. Inj
3. YMCA (Ft. PG, D. Doss & Freddie Allen)
4. U A Lie
5. Do Me Like U (Ft. Shaniqua Williams)
6. The Coolest
7. I’m Changed (ft. PG & Drew Collins)
8. Doin It Rite
9. The Kingdom
10. Where I’m Going
11. Can’t Wait (ft. Chris Traylor)
12. Praise His Name (ft. Drew Collins & Lord Relic)

Merry Christmas // INJ
  1. Merry Christmas // INJ
  2. The Coolest // Norris J - INJ
  3. Hands Up (5-0) – Free Download // Norris J - INJ